Fun Stuff

Check back for some fun quizzes and photos about xeriscaping, or contact me with your own ideas.

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Grow Your Own Food

We are loving this PBS series called Food Forward. If this doesn’t inspire you to grow your own food, well, I don’t know what will do it! The website also has recipes and blogs.


One of the Lower 48…

New Mexico is known for…well, let me reword that. New Mexico is unknown in many parts of the world and sadly in many parts of the U.S. For years, New Mexicans have collected fun anecdotes about people who thought the state really was in Mexico or at least not in the continental U.S. It happened to me recently with an online order, but I cut them some slack, since the store was in Canada.

Enjoy this recent post about 10 things good about the missing state.

New Mexico Magazine keeps a running total of fun stories called One of our 50 is missing.

VLA near Socorro, NM

The NRAO Very Large Array outside Datil, N.M. Each antenna is 82 feet in diameter.

New Mexico Products

I’ve got links to some New Mexico chile sources on my Resources page, but Made in New Mexico has a load of products they say are all produced locally, including a new Billy the Kid Sarsparilla. The site also lists information on some restaurants, hotels and happenings, though it focuses mostly on northern New Mexico, if you prefer the Sangre de Cristo mountains to the Sacramento range. To each his or her own…

Sacramento Mountains, NM

From the top of the Apache Ski Area in Ruidoso, N.M., part of the Sacramento Mountain range. This is in early spring and you can see pretty much forever.

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