Low-water Gardening in the Southwest


Sunflower and Russian sage grow in this high-desert xeric garden.

Who says gardening in the dry, hot desert has to be boring and colorless? Unfortunately, many people who move to areas with high heat and low water availability take the drastic steps of installing all-gravel lawns. When done well, they can look nice and certainly save water, but sometimes they bring their own problems, such as higher cooling bills and weeds that crop up between rocks. That’s right, because weeds can grow anywhere.

On this site, and particularly in the blog posts (see the archives on the right), we discuss how to save water without sacrificing aesthetics or sanity. We talk about xeriscaping, water harvesting and conservation, and caring for plants, especially in high-desert climates.  We also hope to have a little fun along the way.

All content copyrighted 2015 by Teresa Odle, Odle Creative Inc.

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