About Gardening in a Drought

low-water rock garden

Welcome to the website and blog of Gardening in a Drought, your fun and informative resource for Southwest gardening.

It’s a dry heat, but it doesn’t have to be a dry and boring landscape. Sure, some years are worse than others, and the idea for this site came about after one of the worst droughts in New Mexico in years. No matter the climate, all businesses and homeowners should garden responsibly to conserve the desert Southwest’s most precious resource — water. Still, there are plenty of native plants that have adapted to this climate, and they can add interest, color, and even cool cover to just about any garden.

Gardening in a Drought is written by Teresa Odle, owner of Odle Creative Inc.  Teresa is a member of the Garden Writers Association and trained as a master gardener. She also is a professional editor and writer who has contributed blog posts and feature articles to newspapers around the country and written about gardening for Tractor Supply Company, Mastergardening.com and various home improvement sites. Most of all, Teresa and her husband Tim love high-desert gardening in New Mexico.

Check out the blog (see the archives on the right) to learn more about xeriscaping and the photo section to see some beautiful low-water, high-impact plants. We’ll try to inform and keep it light when possible. Unless otherwise noted, we use USDA zones in all of our plant descriptions.

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